Depression Sucks

Struggling with depression as a teen can look a lot different than an adult struggling with depression. Depression may come out as anger, sadness, withdrawing from your closest friends, always getting into fights with family, acting out in school or refusing to do things that you previously enjoyed. It can feel like no one in the world will understand what you are feeling and going through.

If you are dealing with Major Depression you may experience even more severe symptoms, like suicidal thoughts or actions, thoughts or actions of hurting your self, or maybe thoughts or actions of hurting others. Depression can make you feel so isolated and alone that it makes it hard to believe that things can be different. 

We can help. We help teens who are struggling with depression overcome the symptoms that are getting in the way so that you can enjoy life again. Whether we use mindfulness and grounding techniques or more cognitive behavioral strategies, like automatic negative thought replacement, will depend on you. We tailor the therapeutic strategies we use with the individual so that you are getting the therapy that you need. And guess what, if you feel like it isn't working then we can change things up. We have years of experience in working with teens who were struggling with depression and no one is the same. We will find a strategy that works for you together because you do not have to continue fighting this battle alone. We are here to help find and create happiness in your life again! 

Anxiety Sucks Too

Anxiety can stay with you all day or it can come out of nowhere, leaving you feeling out of control. For someone struggling with anxiety, that feeling of being out of control can inhibit you from doing the things that you previously enjoyed. It may influence you to stay home from school, avoid going out in crowded spaces, it may even make ordering food at a restaurant difficult. Anxiety can rob you of your ability to engage with the world. 

We can help. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness strategies we can work together to decrease your anxiety and help you re-engage with the world in the way you did before anxiety took over. These evidenced based coping strategies are easy to learn but require some practice and effort to effectively put into use. We can work together to identify areas of your life where these simple coping strategies may make all the difference so that you can feel a sense of calm and peace again! 

If you are ready to work together to decrease your symptoms of depression or anxiety call us at (443) 589 2475 for your free 15 minute consultation to see if therapy is a good fit for you.