Anxiety and Depression in Young Adulthood

The transition from teenager or college student to adult can be really difficult. Often times you are living on your own for the first time, starting your first career, you may be entering into serious relationships or dating, and transitioning from life at home or in college to life on your own.  It can be really hard to navigate all of these changes and societal pressures on your own and you may find yourself overwhelmed or confused about your life and your choices. This is also a time when mental health concerns can arise for the first time. Research shows that young adults are at increased risk of anxiety and depression. Whether you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety for the first time or it is something that you have dealt with for a while, you do not have to do it alone. 

We help young adults navigate the new challenges and changes in their lives while assisting them in implementing strategies to manage symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. We provide a warm, encouraging and supportive environment in which you can identify your values, goals, and beliefs. We can help you move from a place of fear, frustration, and hopelessness to having a clear plan for creating a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life.